Mono or Damier?

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  1. Im planning on getting a speedy 25 soon yayy!!:yahoo:

    ....but what looks more chic...mono or damier...they are both so beautiful in their own way

    a little help would be appreciated xx
  2. i have the Speedy 25 in both Monogram and Damier, and i'd say get the Damier, because it's so low-maintenance and not as common or faked as the Monogram one
  3. I love mono.....I think it looks sooo chic with everything!!
  4. if its your first I would go with Mono, its a classic bag.
  5. Get both! :p
  6. I have that bag in Mono and love it!!!
  7. I prefer the mono for a speedy, I love the damier in other shapes such as duomo and hampstead.:tup:
  8. I say go for the damier, it seems like EVERYONE has a mono speedy these days.
  9. I prefer the damier speedy!!!
  10. Mono is a classic, but do bear in mind you have to deal with the vachetta handles. If you mind about maintainance, then go with damier.
  11. I just love the classic mono speedy 30.
  12. I have a mono and LOVE it!!!
  13. Monogram...its a classic.
  14. the damier speedy 25 was my first LV, i love it. You also dont have to worry about the vachetta.
  15. Damier Speedy 25 would be stunning. :drool: