Mono or Damier???

  1. hi, everyone. I am new in here. I wanted to get my first LV handbag, But i can't choose between the mono or damier for speedy...can someone help me??
  2. I like mono for speedies, I've always wanted one. I don't care if its copied alot. IF you're looking for a care free bag then damier would be better as there's no vachetta to worry about getting dirty.
  3. another vote for mono. :tup:
  4. Mono for your first, no other way to think about it! :smile:
  5. definatly mono for your 1st! you can always get damier in a shoulder bag!
  6. 1 vote for mono==
  7. Mono for sure
  8. Mono is the best and classiest of them all
  9. I think it depends on what your preference is. I have both and I like both of them at different times. When I am at work or when I am more dressed up, I think my Damier looks a lot better because it looks elegant and is more subtle of a print (not screaming -I have a LV!) , which I think is better in my work environment. But when I am dressed more casual, I think my mono looks a lot better.
  10. Another vote for mono :heart:
  11. before, i really like the mono but when both were presented to me in the store, i was taken with the damier...either way, you won't go wrong....
  12. I prefer damier. It's great for work or play. Plus, mono is too copied.
  13. thank you for all the comments..i think i noe which one should i get d...thank you so much....
  14. Here's a pic of my first speedy, I chose damier..I got a 25 but thought it was too small so sold it. I miss it:heart: damier speedys are beautiful:yes:
    Picture 139 (Large).jpg
  15. damier:yes: