Mono or Damier Speedy 30?

  1. Hello Everyone,
    I have a problem. I'm looking for a bag for my mom and I can't decide which one would be best so I need your opinions. This will technically be her Second Louis Vuitton Bag (I've already purchased the Batignolles Horizontal as one of her Christmas gifts) I can't decide between the Mono and the Damier Speedy 30. I have already shown her the Damier "style" and she didn't really like it, however I don't think she'd like two bags with mono. She's seen the Mono Speedy and loved it, but then again she doesn't know about the BH. Please help...;)

    P. S. Any suggestions on an LV Wallet?
  2. hmmm, if she loves mono and didn't really like the damier, i would stick with mono!
  3. Mono! I love my zippy wallet.
  4. I would think a damier speedy is NOT a good choice if she doesn't like damier....
  5. Mono!!
  6. I totally agree! :yes:

    Since you already know that she does not like the Damier line then it wouldn't make sense to get her something from that line.

    Does she like any other LV line besides the Mono? Because you mentioned that your not sure if she would want 2 Mono bags.

    Maybe you can try to find out if she likes the Epi line becase an Epi Speedy would be absolutely beautiful and very classy.
  7. Since she saw the mono speedy and loved it, I would get her that. She would then have one handheld and one shoulder mono. Perfect!!
  8. Thanks
  9. Definitely get her the mono speedy if your mom doesn't like damier. Or maybe you could introduce her to other styles :smile:
  10. I'd stick with mono. Since she said that she wasn't fond of the damier..

    Personally tho.. I LOVE my damier! XD