Mono or Azure Cles Break Ban???

  1. Okay Girls,,,

    I am SOOOOO tempted to break my ban because I just bought a brand new spanking house (GORGEOUS) for me and bf. Of course, I will be needing applicances, landscaping, etc. But, since I did it all on my own income and with all of my own credit (can NOT even believe it!!!); and since I already own a house I can rent, I am tempted to treat myself to a cles for my new house keys!!! Do they make a white MC cles? Not sure I've seen one, I want logo, but am dying also for Damier....

    Should I or shouldn't I?

    1. Break Ban

    2. Logo or Azure, I have nothing of either all I have is Vernis, Epi, and black MC

  2. both are good. i have the mono cles to match my mono purses. but i'm getting the azur to match my azur bags. :yes:
  3. I'm heading for azur....
  4. i vote for the azur cles, freaking adorable! and yes, they make white mc cles!!!

    i would 'reward' myself definitely haha. but it would really depend on your financial situation. i mean, a house is a pretty big deal so i would think about it. if i had the money to spare, i would get the cles. (OR JUST HINT HINT TO THE BF!!)
  5. They do make MC cles, as well as epi, vernis and

    What other items do you have? Maybe you can get something to match, but not matchy-matchy.
  6. Veronika! Cogratulations on your new home.... :yahoo:
    The cles comes in both MC white and Azur.... Will depend on what you really
    want girl!!:yes: Think breaking the ban for this momentus occasion will not mean you fell off the wagon... I think you owe yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. :wlae: I vote azur, but I'm sure you're hankering for a white MC...:love: :angel: :flowers:
  7. I vote for a new one for a new house. The MC brand new is only $285:shame:
  8. I have lotsa vernis, framboise, lavender, perle, silver, 1 Mandarin Epi, 1 Black MC Lodge, 1 lavender cles, 1 perle cles...
  9. Yep. I think so, especially since all my debt is paid off! YAY! Thank you so much for your congratulations!!!!
  10. Azur:love: :angel: :flowers:
  11. Yep pinki. Azur.... gotsta get it...
  12. new cles, new house. congratulations!!!
  13. WAIT!!!! What's the Azure accessories pouch for $285, and it's 8 x 5; is that like a little pochette, that seems pretty good, right? It's not a cles, is it more like a little wapity????
  14. Yay... I can't wait to see the pics... I miss my purse...:love: :angel: :flowers: