Mono or Argent Neo??

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Mono or Argent Neo Bag

  1. Mono

  2. Neo

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  1. Hey all,

    Okay, I am having a really tough time deciding between the Mono or Argent Neo. I bought the Argent, and it is BEAUTIFUL. BUT, I don't even own a Mono bag as I usually am in the Chanel or Prada world, but there is something about this bag that makes me LOVE it.

    When I went to the LV boutique, the SA said that the Mono Neo looks too much like an overpriced Noe with a messenger.

    I am a mommy of 2 little boys, and I work in a VERY conservative environment.

    I am thinking that the Neo in Argent is more of a statement bag....and that it is not as every day at the Mono....

    Any thoughts???

    TIA all!
  2. If you feel eden is too loud, maybe explore some other bags besides mono noe. Nothing against mono noe but I feel that it is overpriced for a mono. It looks like a regular noe with an extra pair of handles.
  3. I think it would be pretty in argent. ITA it does seem like a lot for the mono that's why I changed my mind on it. Can you post pics of your argent we would love to see:smile: You should keep it congrats!
  4. mono;););)
  5. I do think a "normal" mono is also a loud bag, if you know what i mean, with the monogram all over... but then again - i love that!!!! it *IS* pricey for a regular monogram bag, though, so i voted for Neo.
  6. I vote the Argent Neo. It is stunning IRL and most of your bags are classic? ke ke ek
  7. The Argent Neo is special and I believe it is beautiful in a nice head-turning understated way. Save your desire for another type Mono bag that will always be around.
  8. I think the neo in argent is a statement bag, but not overly flashy. I do think that the mono neo is way overpriced for what you get. I was extremely surprised at the cost. There are some beautiful mono bags that are a much better price. The artsy is just a phenomenal bag for the price. Otherwise, there will always be new bags coming out.

    Please dont let the SA influence you. It happens to me all the time. If my SA would have said that to me, I would not have ordered one. I have an excellent relationship with 5 different stores, and they all said that as soon as they get them in, they are gone. I would hate for you to return it and then regret it when there is no availability. Please let us know what you do.
  9. Mono:heart:
  10. Keep the Argent Neo.
  11. If you hadn't purchased it yet, I'd say get the Mono. But, since you've already purchased, keep the Argent. I'd only say Mono, since it's your first LV and I think Mono is a good line to start with. Just my opinion, though.
  12. If your work environment is that conservative, I would go with the Mono Neo. I love the style of the Neo, and if you really like it, I would exchange it for the Mono. I agree, the colored Neo's are definitely statement bags, and if you work in a very conservative environment I can see how that might not go over well. I'd think about it for a few more days, but it sounds like you might be happier with the same style in Mono! Good luck with your decision!
  13. The Arden Noe is probably more conservative/subtle but I love how flashy the regular Mono is but I live a casual boring life so count on my bags to give me a jolt to my day-LOL!
  14. Love it in mono!
  15. Argent Neo