Mono noe-pics of messenger style w/long strap

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  1. With all of thre recent talk of the noes, I wanted to post pics of my mono noe worn messenger style with the long strap (purchased separately for $150). The strap is adjustable, and would work on the speedy, alma, ellipse, etc.

    I really like having the messenger option for times when I am carrying lots of stuff!! I'm so glad that someone mentioned wearing the noe this way--I wouldn't have thought of it!!
    noe1.jpg noe2.jpg
  2. that is so cute!! do the straps come in vachetta as well as mono?
  3. I like it! That's a good idea!
  4. Yes, the strap also comes in vachetta. I would have done that, but my bag is so dark that a new strap would have looked strange. But..if I get an azur noe, I will get the vachetta strap.
  5. how much is the vachetta strap?
  6. I think that both straps are $150 each, but I'm not completely sure....
  7. i just checked elux and they have a vachetta strap for 155, and another one for 125 for the baggy bags. the 125 one is thicker, and it says for 'cross body wear'- anyone have this? i'm curious to know which one would be better to get. thanks!
  8. Cute, I agree that the strap is definitely an investment :smile:
  9. looks great!!!
  10. ^There's no buckle on the Noe to accommodate the strap for the denim baggy bags. Whereas the mono and vachetta strap have the valet clip hardware.
  11. Oh I forgot to say... I like the mono strap for cross-body wearing in the Petit Noe on you.
  12. i love this look! too bad im too small the noe would swamp me! however i have begun to love the look of the petite noe! shame i cant afford any more LV for about another 50 years haha
  13. gucci_girl_gg, you can't be that short. ck21 is wearing the Petit Noe with the mono strap. Many members on the forum are of average height. I'm only 5'2''.
  14. very cute! thanks for sharing!
  15. Looks great.