Mono Noe and Delightful

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  1. What do you ladies think about owning a mono delightful pm as well as a noe pm in the mono line? Are they too similar? Would it look like you are always carrying the same purse?
  2. I would prefer the epi Noe - new colors are coming very soon.
  3. I agree...I would wait for the new epi colours due 1st oct:smile:
  4. Yes, I have the epi petit now in Ivoire and just love this bag. Epi looks beautiful in the noe style.
  5. I don't think they are at all similar. The Delightful PM is a slouchy hobo style. The Noe is a fairly structured bucket bag. To me they look completely different. I don't think anyone would mistake them as the same bag or similar. Both great bags.
  6. I agree with clu13.
  7. Delightful all the way!!!!!!!!
  8. I agree! I have a mono noe and :love: it!
  9. They are not similar at all. I think delightful belongs to the same group as artsy and sully.