mono neverfull gm

  1. I was thinking about getting this bag over the batignolles horizontal, but now i am not sure. Does the neverfull hold that much because it looks like the straps arent very strong.. does anyone know?
  2. my mom has it. the strap are pretty strong. depends what u will be carrying.
  3. I was thinking of this too.. Does anyone have modeling pics?
  4. GM will hold a ton more then the BH.
  5. I have the PM and I can attest that it can hold a lot. I have loaded mine up with heavy groceries. The handles have been tested to hold up to 230 pounds each. Don't worry; the handles will be fine. Looks can be deceiving.
  6. the gm is huge!!!!! it can hold my son!!! he's 4 and weighs 40 pds! seriously!
  7. the handles will hold a lot
    it is a Louis Vuitton it is not worth a lot of money in vain ;) go for it
  8. GM is Huge... if you are looking at the BH you might consider the MM (they are more similiar in size)
  9. i don't understand what this means.
  10. the neverull mm is much closer to the bh. the gm is MUCH larger. i have the bh and the neverfull gm. i love my bh, but the neverfull mm holds more, if that's what you need. i got the neverfull gm to use as an overnight bag, to carry my stuff & my daughter's stuff to the gym, etc.- a large carryall when i need it. i don't think i'd use this as an everyday purse. but who knows!

    pic. 1 bh in front of the neverfull mm

    pic. 2 side by side

    pic. 3 neverfull mm in front of neverfull gm

    if i could only have one bag, i think it would be the bh. it is comfy, a great size- i just love it. good luck!
    100_0002_3.JPG 100_0001_3.JPG 100_0002_2.JPG
  11. Between the 2 bags, I would prefer BH.