Mono Multicolore RITA in Black - any piccies?

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  1. has anyone actually bought this bag because I really want to see pictures of someone carrying/wearing it...

    any piccies?

    Thx :P
  2. Check out the search option on top.

    But the bag itself is gorgeous in both white and black, I really hope you choose to get one!

  3. 2 days ago i bought the white rita it is really nice.
    I have this picture it is not clear but if you need more picture just let me know

  4. I have black and white. The black is in my avatar. I will try to find my photos of me wearing it. I LOVE the bag. Loved it so much in black I had to get the other color too. You wont regret buying it!
  5. Here are photos of it on. My cam SUCKS cause it is my phone- no flash and terrible lighting/blurry. Uggh- but it should give you an idea. I'm not small and it fits fine over my fat arms using both handles and strap. I also love using it with a keepall vachetta strap and wearing it cross body like a stephen bag.


  6. Great bag! Is it as big, or bigger than the mc speedy? Can the chain/strap be detached?
  7. Yes, the strap comes off and you can add different straps if you'd like but the hardware is huge on it so not all straps will fit of course. In fact, most wont, but my vachetta keepall strap does.

    I'd say they hold about the same amount, but the pockets and stuff on the Rita make it more useable, as well as the shoulder strap. The Rita seems wider, but cargo area is about the same. I'd say it's basically the same bag, but a more user friendly shape so that it can go over the shoulder.

    I returned my two MC speedy bags to get the two Ritas so I dont have photos side by side, but I do remember seeing some on here.

    Here are photos from 'photomama24' that were posted on here on the board:


    I personally put my phone in the back zipped pocket while shopping so it's easy to get to, and my sunglasses have a home in the large pocket in front. It is a great bag to stay organized with and the pocket on front is more useable than the tiny pocket on the speedy with the difficult latch and unreasonable size.
  8. Thanks! I see it has feet too... hmmmmm was going to get the speedy, but this one looks great too.
  9. Anytime! Let me know if you have more questions.

    I've had multiple speedy MC bags and due to the weight and non-ease of use I always end up ebaying them off to someone else then re-buying when I have seller's remorse. Wont happen now that I've got the Rita because of the strap and longer handles! I wont even miss my speedys. Yay!
  10. OMG! I am drooling!I love this bag but I have heard that the MC canvas can become yellow due to bleeding?? :shocked: I hope LV will make it available in the classic monogram too! The white looks awesome though! :smile:
  11. The bleeding actually made the canvas pink from the red interior and I believe that was a problem that was fixed in later models of LV white multicolore after the original bags made in 2003-04 bled. These should be fine. I say go for it! No worries with black MC anyway- just the white.
  12. Thanks Mlowran! That's good to know!:smile:
  13. how gorgeous, I love eberyones Rita. I need to buy one.
  14. wow... the black MC is TDF!!!!!