Mono Multicolor heart attack!!!

  1. I have the multicolor marilyn and I only wear it once, the patten actually rubbed off (just a little), but I CAN TELL. Does that mean I got the defect bag? It's way past the returning date, HELP!!!!!! :wtf:
  2. I would take it back to the store - they will replace it
  3. take it back it's too early for that to happen
  4. Even its past the returning date?
  5. ^ yep!

    good luck!
  6. Pinkie, Don't know if they will take it back...I understand a minium of the rubbing is to be expected. Don't know how bad yours is, but I'd try to take it to the shop if youlive nearby. Can't hurt. Good Luck.
  7. sorry to hear's such a cute bag. Let us know what they say. Good luck !
  8. Rubbing off is a normal part of MC bags...HOWEVER I would try to go back to the store. If they see that the patina is very minimal (i.e. consistent with using it once) they might exchange it for you.
    Good luck...and let us know how it turned out!
  9. I wonder if I did return will they resell it to someone else since there's no patina? is so, that sucks. plus i love my colour combo, it is like impossible to get the exact same colour combo, I'm so confused :sad:

    I should've spary on it before I use .. will that even help at all?
  10. Take it back....they'll probably exchange it out. It really shouldn't have rubbed off that quickly.
  11. does this happen with all mc bags. I am thinking of getting one.
  12. Take it back.
  13. Try taking it back, I've had my MC bags for a long time now and the only chipping that has occured was on the zipper area of the Alma. And only on the purple symbols.
  14. The silk screening shouldn't rub off so quickly...maybe it came in contact with something that could've possibly dissolved it somewhat?? Definitely take it to the store to show them.
  15. Definetly take it back!