Mono Mizi

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  1. Hi LV lovers,

    I've been on the wait list FOREVER at my local LV... & found out about a week ago that it's discontinued... :crybaby: ... which makes me want it even more!

    so anyone got any suggestions on how I can get my hands on one? think I'm even prepared to go for a pre-owned one!!! cant believe there's none on eBay!!! :Push:
  2. let-trade has them pop up quite often (some are new and some are used).
  3. yea, I checked with them, they only have the vienna at the mo... hopefully something will come up! fingers crossed for me!!! ;)
  4. Don't worry, Let-Trade knows that this bag is in high demand, so he should be trying to get more in! Just keep your eye on the site!
  5. Good luck. Its a beautiful bag
  6. What does the Mizi look like? Does anyone have a pic? Just curious
  7. Here is a picture of LV_Addict and her lovely Mono Mizi.
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