Mono Mizi, Vernis Thompson, Mini Mono Josephine...

  1. Ok ladies I need your help. As many know my birthday is coming soon (October 4th!!!), my mother has told me that one of her clients in Japan is looking to sell some of her Louis Vuitton purses from her collection. This lady has BUKU BUCKS! She owns a chain of clothing boutiques or something like that. Anyhow she knows that my mom also collects highend purses and asked her if she would like to purchase some from her. I was like:nuts: :yahoo: ! Begging and pleading for her to get me one for my birthday.:hysteric: I am asking for this behind DH's back, since he has already purchased 4 shopping bags worth of goodies from Louis Vuitton:P. DH still has not cracked...I still cant open any of them and I tried EVERYTHING (note to self, must learn a new way to seduce DH :graucho:)

    So here it is ladies...which one would you pick and why...

    1) Mono Mizi (excellent condition never used)
    2) Beige Vernis Thompson (used once but comes with a wallet)
    3) Blue on Blue Mini Mono Josephine GM (new never used, Lilo has this one)

    I need to know the best one before the end of the day. Mom is leaving tomorrow morning to Okinawa and is planning to stop by Osaka to pick which ever one up. :yahoo: Should I even DARE to ask for more then one??? Would that be pushing it?
  2. Mono Mizi!!!
    because you cant get this one ANYWHERE!!!!
  3. I vote for Mono mizi: Very hard to find

    If you can ask for more than one..ask for number 1 and 3
  4. Mono Mizi :yes:
  5. yes, the Mono Mizi and/or the Josephine GM :yes:. the Mizi has been discontinued and you won't be able to find one anywhere these days except on eBay, and the Josephine GM would make a great everyday bag
  6. I'm with everyone else... the MONO MIZI!!!! I've been wanting this bag, but it's so hard to find.
  7. MONO MIZI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Can the Mono Mizi be held on the shoulder too? Or is it mainly hand held? Is it really big?

  9. I think it's more of a hand held. there are pics in the visual aid thread if you want to take a look. :yes: :flowers:
  10. Ooooo I just say a pic of LV addict carrying the Mizi. I love it! Ok it looks like a forsure thing on the mizi. Does anyone know how much it can carry. Also is it a heavy bag like the MC speedy 30?
  11. Monogram Mizi, where else will you be able to find one in such good condition?!
  12. The Mizi of course :nuts:! It's so hard to find and the shape is absolutely stunning!
  13. I like BOTH the mono mizi and the blue on blue Josephine GM!!! Both are GORGEOUS!!! If there's any way to swing both of them, I'd definitely do that!!!!
  14. Mizi or Josephine!
  15. MONO MIZI :graucho: