Mono Mizi - Question!

  1. Hi All -

    I have been thinking about a Mono Mizi and wonder if I should buy one listed on let-trade? The vachetta looks to be a little watermarked but I know that could be replaced. Any thoughts?

    This is the bag that I wish I had purchased way back when!!
  2. this one?

    If so, it looks nice to me!
  3. Yes, that one! What do ya' think!?!?

    Thanks in advance!!
  4. I like it! I didn't see the waterspots you mentioned. I think it looks great!
  5. also, i think you can even things out with a baby wipe.
  6. You can def. minimize the water spots with baby wipes. I don't know the price of that mizi on let-trade but if it's less than retail, go for it!
  7. I think the Mizi is a beautiful bag, and if I wasn't already signed up for the Dentelle this month you would have competition ;)

    Go for it!
  8. You would definitely be able to get the vachetta replaced.. although the price may be quite hefty. But it looks pretty anyways !
  9. Thanks, Ayla! That is a really good point. I am currently getting some vachetta replaced and it is $265... not that bad, I suppose!!

    Hmmm... I am so picky! I wish I could find one new!!

    Thanks to all!
  10. That's a lovely bag and discontinued too, so it would be a good buy!
  11. Personally, I am not a fan of patina so, I would hold off for another one in better condition. I bought the Mono Mizi when it first launched and the vachetta on my bag is nowhere near as dark as the Mizi on LT. But, if you like that look, the tan is pretty even and the asking price is below retail-which is RARE!

    Keep us posted!
  12. Thanks, Michelle! I agree. My big fear is not being able to find one. Now, I am thinking about just having the vachetta replaced. I love patinaed bags but I am anal and like it even!!
  13. Yes! I LOVE that bag! I've been wanting one SO bad!! GET IT!
  14. I think it looks fantastic. You should definately get it!
  15. I agree with michelle but i'm also anal about my stuff. I don't think i could buy a used bag unless it was the only option. There are prob some eBay stores that have new/very new mizis, but above retail.