Mono Mizi and Oskar Waltz on Let-Trade!

  1. girls...get it! i know there are a lot of you who want these bags! :yahoo:
  2. ohhh that Waltz is TDF!
  3. How about adding the links !:smile:
  4. Do you know if that is the exact one LV_addict has or is it the pm version?
  5. I love the Mono Mizi!
  6. I have the same one as let-trade has for sale!!! TO DIE FOR IRL!!!:graucho:
  7. I love those bags. let-trade is amazing.
    someone get them! and then post pics!
  8. I bet!! It looks fabulous from all the photos!!
  9. Drooling....
  10. OMG I think I'm going to do it!!! I'm going to ask about price:yes:
  11. which one??? you must post pics if you get it!!!!!
  12. Irene--Could you give me some idea with it's condition how much the Waltz would run? I need to know if it would even be in my range! Thanks!
  13. They retailed for US$5250.00 + tax. The ones that have sold on eBay in the last few months went for WAY MORE (we are talking US$6500.00 and up). I think let-trade is pretty fair when it comes to pricing stuff so I would expect this bag to be in a neighbourhood of US$5500.00 - US$6000.00. Hope this helps.