Mono mini looping underrated?

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  1. I find the mini looping underrated. I had the looping GM once but it hurt my shoulders badly when it got heavy. But the mini looping is such an elegant bag and seems to be low maintenance. I plan to get it as replacement for the mono pochette that I sold. I can use it as an evening bag or even on weekends when all I need to carry are the essentials like my cel, cles, and small make up pouch. Dont you guys think its a good substitute to a pochette? Lovely lovely.
  2. I have the mini looping and I think it's a really great bag. For a small bag like that you can really fit a lot of stuff in it. I would say it holds more than double of a pochette.
  3. I think the Mini Looping is indeed underrated... :sad:

    It's a very cute bag that holds quite a bit of stuff.
  4. The mini looping is a cute bag and often overlooked.
  5. Does the strap hurt your shoulders? The GM gave me bruises for a week!:cursing: I really want to get the mini looping soon!!! Its about time we reivive the reputation of this bag :tup:
  6. I like the shape, it just isn't quite big enough for me. I sold mine a long time ago.
  7. like the shape too....
  8. I have the mini looping and I think it's the best size in that style! I love it!! It's the perfect size and the style is fabulous!!!
  9. I have a mini looping. It is a great smaller bag.
  10. my friend has it and uses it all the time. I think its a great bag, love the shape.
  11. I have the MM and the only complaint I have about it is that it's opening is not big enough for my Zipped Wallet. I wish I had gotten the mini instead.

    I've had the MM looping for over 4 years and the canvas is still stiff. I still need to break it in. Maybe then the opening will be more pliable for my wallet.
  12. My very first LV hand bag purchase was a mono mini looping. I found the bag to be quite stylish, elegant, and versatile. I especially loved the fact that one could wear it as either a shoulder bag or hand carry. For such a smaller type of bag, it's still quite roomy.... I can fit my D&B french wallet, cell phone, house/car keys, and a small make up bag in the mini looping.
  13. I have a mini looping and it is probably my most used bag. It is the perfect size since I can use it as a day-to-day bag but it is still small enough to use when I go out at night. The strap doesn't really bother my shoulders. My only complaint is if I'm wearing a bulky sweater or jacket the drop of the strap is a little snug. But other than that it is a great bag.
  14. i had it and gave it away.....i regret it though!!!

    i bought it when it first came out and the price was $425 or something like that!!!!!!!!!!! i know, crazy~!
  15. No, it does not hurt your shoulders...