Mono Mini Lin Speedy?

  1. Hi-I am just wondering if anyone has this bag and what you think of it? Would you get the Mono Mini Lin Speedy 30 or the Damier Speedy 30?

    Any advice would be helpful....Thanks in advance!
  2. Do a search on Mini Lin. You will find tons of pfers with this Speedy!
  3. Thanks-still new at this-will do a search :shame:
  4. I love mini lin. I love the color and the size. I'm not a fan of Damier line so I prefer mini lin. This is my bag.


    One thing, some people don't like the sagging. Mini lin tends to sag more than monogram and damier so I usually put a magazine on the bottom of my bag to keep it in shape.
  5. Oh, I'm not picking on you. Seems the ladies that have the bag aren't around right now. If you really want to see them you can also do a search in Visual Aid. Oh and I would watch out for the *drool* factor.

    As I speak... Breakfast lover comes to the rescue.

    Welcome to TPF.... :flowers:
  6. Thanks for the help-love TPF!
  7. They are both beautiful handbags but I think it depends on what the main color of your wardrobe is. IMO, if you wear a lot of black...get Damier. If you wear a lot of earth tones, the Mini Lin would coordinate great!
  8. I love the mini lin.. it is just adorable! I have a few concerns about the sag but intend to check one out in person this weekend. Will probably buy off of Elux as they had disappeared for awhile but looks like they are available again.
  9. Nice bag Breakfast Lover!

    Decisions Decisions! So many LVs and so little money!!!!
  10. I like this bag! When we first saw it in the store, the bf said I should get it. I was hesitant because I already have a Mono Speedy........ and I told him that it's not that fantastic and all. The bf said "You don't know what you're missing!"

    The more I look at it, the more I love it! But the classic Mono sucker within me nags at me to keep my collection strictly to classic Mono line only.
  11. I'm just waiting for the mini lin to come in other colours...:idea:
  12. I love my Mini Lin Speedy. :love:

    My husband said that the Damier 30 looked kind of like luggage on me when I carried at it at the store but I definitely knew that I needed a 30. Maybe if I decide to get a 25 I would get one in Damier. :yes:

    Here's my mini lin:
    Mini Lin front.jpg
  13. I think the mini line is classy and adorable. I kind of ignored this line at first, but I'm begining to really, really like it now.
  14. I love my mini lin.It's not as common as the mono speedy which is highly faked too.
    yeah i can't agree more with some of the PFers said..It's gorgeous IRL and the more you look at it the more you'll like it.Love love love mine.
  15. I love Mini Lin