Mono Mini Key Cles

  1. T4P! GREAT SELLER!!! My SIL buys from them a lot!!!
  2. That's really cute!
    Great price too.
  3. I wish it was mono :sad: or blue Tone on tone)
  4. ^^^You may want to bookmark this seller! They have some great deals and their bags are in great shape!!!:biggrin: (I am not the seller, I promise!!!:lol: )
  5. Thanks ~Irene~:smile: i'll do that
  6. its a good deal
  7. I didn't want to start a new thread so i thought I'd bump an old one.

    Any, those with key cles, do you worry about your keys coming off or zippers opening.

    I have purchased one (don't have it as of yet) but thought it would be perfect for license/bank card and change for coffee in the AM when taking the kids to school.
  8. I use a cles as a wallet every day. Never had a problem with keys falling off or zippers opening - ever.
  9. I am guilty of having three - and have never had a problem. The keys stay on and the zipper stays shut. :yes: Love them! :love:
  10. thanks for that info
  11. I have it in mono. I've never had problems with mine either - and I use it almost daily!
  12. awesome, I cant wait to have mine in my hand :smile:
  13. I've had a few. As long as you don't bang them up then there shouldn't a problem. I once had a pochette that wouldn't stay zipped cause the owner before me threw it aroudn too much that the zipper got loose. Same with the keyring.

    But just take care of them =) It should be good.