Mono Mat durability question

  1. Hi folks -- I searched the forum here re: mono mat, and seemed to find conflicting opinions on whether it's a smart choice for wallets and agendas and anything like that that gets knocked around in your purse. Does it get scratched easily? Any shared experiences would be much appreciated! (Honesteyes? I know you are one who can comment on this! Your pieces are what got me liking the mono mat.) :rolleyes: Also, is the black color in mono mat the one that shows up kind of gray in photos? If so, does it also look gray-ish in real life? thanks, everyone, as usual!
  2. I have an agenda in Mono Mat and honestly I don't know how I see so many peeling and flecked on eBay. I don't exactly baby mine and so far it still looks brand new.

    I think it's yuex who has a great pics of the black/gunmetal Mono Mat in her showcase? You might want to check over there to see if it's a color you enjoy.
  3. i :heart: that you thought of me for this :shame:!

    i've had the Mat Shelton for a little over a year now, and it's proven to be remarkably resistant to scratches -- and i'm not the most careful person with my bags! also, i have the Mat Agenda, which i use everyday, and it's also proven its durability.

    and yes, the black is really more of a gunmetal gray. here's the post in my showcase for the agenda. i photographed it with my Shelton!

    hope it helps!