Mono Marelle vs. Mono Recital

  1. wow, I seem to be posting alot of 'etc. vs. etc.' don't I?? lol

    ok.. I can't decide between the Marelle and the Recital. The Marelle I loved since I saw Yeuxhonnetes modeling hers in the Visual Aide thread.. but then the Recital is so cute!! My mom and the bf both do not like the Marelle, mom because the bag has too many straps running across it, the bf because it's a clutch, therefore easily misplaced. I'm just wondering how easy/hard it'll be to get in and out of because of the buckles.

    The Recital I havn't shown them yet because they already think I'm nuts with my recent purse obsession, but I was wondering if the purse looks classy since it's a shoulder strap?

    What do YOU think??
    eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - Louis Vuitton; Recital; LV; pouch; pouches; m51900

    eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - LV Mono MarellePoche

    There isnt any special occassion for this bag.. I want to be able to use it for 'casual' nights and also 'dressy' nights.
  2. I have loved the Marelle for quite a while and want to get one for myself one day. I like that the shape is a little different, and I haven't seen anybody with it around here. I don't know how it is to get in and out of though. I think either would be a good choice.
  4. LOL.. you guys are too cute/funny. *sigh* makes decisions so much harder!!
  5. if you don't mind the buckles on the Marelle, then that would be a nice bag :yes:. however, i also like the Recital because of the unusual flap top:cutesy: