Mono LV

  1. What is you absolute FAVORITE Vuitton Monogram bag?
  2. Speedy:cutesy:
  3. mono papillon 30 and manhattan PM (sorry, I can't just pick one :p)
  4. Oh, my speedy, because she was the first one I bought!
  5. i love the speedy cause it's classic but the popincourt has always been my secret desire keke...does that count?
  6. This is tough!

    I'd say...... Speedy? Or BH?? HMm...... Ok Speedy.
  7. The Wardrobe Trunk :rolleyes:
  8. Cabas Alto
  9. popincourt
  10. Lockit
  11. Manhattan PM
  12. Speedy seems to flatter it best, esp with the single piece of canvas.
  13. Abbesses because it was the first one I ever got!! :biggrin:
  14. i'm torn between the speedy and the noe (i just got my first noe, and i LOVE it!)...
  15. bosphore =)