Mono Lockit

  1. Does anyone know what they pricing is going to be on the mono Lockit? I already have a BH, do you think that those bags are too similar to have both?

  2. Elong I saw this bag yesterday at the Atlantic City store it is GORGEOUS!! Nothign like the Bat Hor in my opinion. The store was packed and I didnt ask for a price but I think this might be my next bag. It was so big! And sharp!! Anyone know the retail??

  3. They sent me that email about it and I fell in love with it. I really want one, so hopefully it won't be too similar to any of my other mono bags.
  4. I thought it looked different. I have alot of MONO bags and i want this one BAD!!!!! It was the only thing at the boutique I had to have! :smile:
  5. Yea, I'm pretty sure this is the only thing on my LV want list...wait I forgot about the Mandarin Speedy, but that's been dropped to number 2.
  6. I saw it in the boutique and cannot remember the exact price. But it was low. For the larger one I know it had not reached the $1000 mark. I think it may have been 9- something.

    They had a big display fot it sayig it was to be released in August.

    The are not bag looking bags but the vahetta bottom kills me:upsidedown:
    I'd have to baby it for life
  7. I was @ Atlantic City yesterday too and caught a glimpse of it, it is better in person though I didn't catch the price either, I'll keep an eye out....Glad there's another south jersey girl on the pf!
  8. I think the pm is 785 but not sure about the larger ones.
  9. Does anyone have a pic?? Thanks.
  10. [​IMG]
  11. There is another thread with all the pics and prices in it..FYI...
  12. Can you link it please? I did a search and found nothing. Hence the thread.
  13. Mono Lockit Horizontal $935
    Mono Lockit Pm $770

    I tried on MLH, it is bigger and softer than I expected.
  14. I just put an order in the the Horizontal! I am so getting that on the first! ITS SOOO CHEAP!!!!!!!!