Mono Lockit pm or Ellipse pm - should I buy?

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  1. I have an opportunity to buy either both pre-loved and in excellent condition.

    My thoughts:

    I love the lockit shape but it's handheld only and I prefer shoulder and cross-body. I own the Lockit mm fetish and an alma pm in prune epi electric. I love them both but they are occasional use for me though the shinyness is part of the reason. Also, all that vachette leather on the BOTTOM of this lockit scares me!

    I'm not sure if I find the Ellipse style dated... Whenever I see the Uma ad campaign, I just love it. The pm has the strap rings and I have a crossbody strap. I already have a similar sized purse (the Metis pochette) but I think this may be a bit larger which is a plus for me.

    What do you all think? Which purse do you prefer, or should I pass on both? Nothing new is catching my fancy right now.

  2. I love the mono lockit but if it doesn't fit your needs then I don't think you should get it. I have the ellipse PM and get more compliments on that bag then any other. It's so unique. It's a little strange to wear crossbody because its so hard but I do wear it as a shoulder bag. It holds a little less than what a speedy 25 does. Let us know what you decide! :smile:
  3. No. You're looking at two handheld bags, and you don't like how they function.
  4. The ellipse has the strap rings on the hardware for straps like the almas so it can be made to be shoulder or crossbody. I don't have many mono because of the vachette, so I look at pre-loved for mono. I'll post some pics of both.
  5. Here are stock photos (not the ones I would purchase):

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    Those show the Ellipse MM, not PM, but my point is that although there are strap rings the PM is a handheld bag by design. Like the Alma PM. The shape is awkward to carry except by hand, IMO.

  7. Oh yes, the Uma picture is of the MM, sorry, but I just loved the ad! The small bottom picture is the Ellipse PM worn with the strap.

    Thanks for your opinion. I'm really interested in knowing if you (and other TPFers) think the Ellipse looks dated.
  8. I think the Ellipse is so unique and distinctively LV. It did go "out of fashion" for a while, but I don't know, to me it looks fresh and interesting, and the quality was wonderful when these were made.

    I think they're lifelong classics.:smile:
  9. I love the Ellipse PM. and while it may look like something that is from a past season I think it's become a classic LV bag so it will stand up to the test of time. my question for you is: have you had one? they are really cute to look at but the shape makes your things sit oddly in inside the bag and therefore maybe harder to access something and close the bag quickly. I had one, loved it but only kept it about a month or two. I don't carry a lot of stuff but my stuff sat weirdly inside the bag and it made it hard to get things inside the bag and close it up quickly. does that make sense? maybe it's because all my stuff is long and thin and couldn't really lay down correctly but had to be placed on it's end (a MC Zippy wallet, MC Cosmetic pouch, and two pair of glasses/cases).

    I also have the Mono Lockit PM and adore this cute bag. but I only carry hand-held bags so it works for me perfectly (I also have a Suhali Lockit PM and the Fetish Lockit PM). the Mono seems just a tad smaller than the other Lockits, IMO. I don't really see this bag looking right with a shoulder-strap either on the shoulder or across the body.

    but to be honest, I don't think the Ellipse would look right either. both of these bags are definitely hand-held bags, IMO. with all that being said: you have to get what you think would look right and be comfortable, plus hold what you need. each person's needs and what they like are unique.
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    I have an Ellipse PM and it's my most complimented bag by far despite the love it or hate it style. I've seen other women wear them and look so classy and, despite its small size, can hold everything you need...just think real-life Tetris:biggrin: with small items on the bottom and larger items on the top. I've had my girl for 16 years and could never part with her!
  11. I use my Ellipse almost every day. I got my first one five or six years ago, and i recently bought a preloved one. (The other got stolen..) I still adore it just as much as I did when I first got it, and it's such a cute and different bag! My vote is definitely for the Ellipse :tender:
  12. I used to be a big fan of the clam shell style until I decided some bags I adore don't really suit me lol
  13. I personally love the Lockit but it sounds you are looking for a shoulder or Crossbody bag. Maybe you should look at some other styles as well. Have fun deciding!

    Be Blessed MoNikki
  14. ELLIPSE PM. Discountinue ?
  15. I prefer ellipse than lockit. Ellipse is cute. If you love it and it fits your style nothing will look dated.