Mono Key and change holder question

  1. i have the multicolore one, it holds credit cards, and my keys..I like mine
  2. Well I dont have it yet but I'm getting it for xmas. I love it. I do believe it does fit a cc too.
  3. It can hold a few cards and/or bills just fine and it holds up very well.
  4. I usually keep 3-4 cards in it, a few bills, and some coins. It's very roomy for such a small accessory:yes: I've had it for 2 years now and the stitching's fine. Just that the brass parts tarnish and chip very badly, that's why I don't like this kind of brass. The OTHER super polished and shiny type of brass (like on the Vernis one) never chips, so I prefer this kind more not only on accessories but also on bags.
  5. This is a great item, and holds quite a bit for it's small size!
    Like Cec.LV mentioned I carry about 3 cards, bills and coins as well with no problems at all.
  6. Yes to all three questions. The mono cles hold quite a bit. I've stuffed mine.
  7. I love my Damier. It holds my Ipod mini, many cards, driver's license, keys.
  8. I am glad you asked those questions...all things I was wondering myself. I just order the mini lin one and thought it would be great to run into the store quick etc.
  9. I've had mine for almost 3 years.. and it's still looks great (except for the gold hardware like someone mentioned... it's rubbing/chipping off)-- but I LOVE it!! I used to use it as my wallet when my kids were smaller and I had a diaper bag (no handbag).. but now I use it for just my license and keys (since my hubby bought me a pouchette wallet:biggrin:)... definitely a GREAT purchase.. go for it!!
  10. i have the mini lin in ebene key and change holder
    i love it!!!
    its so convenient. and i have many cards in there.
  11. I have the Suhali Cles which I hardly use anymore. Though I think I might fit my CC's, cash, and attach my keys into the key ring. My billfold needs a rest after 2 + years. :push: