Mono Keepall 45 as a mommy bag?

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Should I get keepall 45 with strap to use as a mommy bag?

  1. yes

  2. no

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  1. What do you guys think about keepall 45 with strap as a mommy bag? I like big bags and has a lot of things to haul around. currently I have denim xs, tulum gm, damier neverfull gm, damier speedy30 and danube. The new Azur Totally MM is kinna nice too but I don't know if it'll be big enough to put all my things. your thought please.....
  2. I think that might be too big. What about a Mono speedy 40
  3. ^ :smile: I want something hand-free..
  4. I think its too big. I´d take a palermo gm. it´s quite roomy and stylish. And it has a strap too.
  5. agree
  6. how about palermo gm, u think it will be big enough?
  7. Thanks, guys. The palermo gm is a good idea but I want to get away from the tote-looking bag. Anything else to consider?
  8. a men's bag perhaps? Graphite...just thinking :idea:
  9. Going to be very big. I think the 35 would be perfect for a mommy bag.
  10. I think it can work, it's a big bag, but's not heavy and doesn't have many hardware, just don't fill it to to top, because it will get heavy...
    You already have a Neverfull, and if you don't like Palermo, than Keepall 45 is the best choice...
  11. I think you should try the Azur Totally, maybe go to the store and try both of them on then make your decision!
  12. does anyone know when azur totally coming out?
  13. Feb,2009 I think. In the USA
  14. How old is your child? Personally I would find it difficult to manuver with such a large bag when the child is a toddler and wants to run and be picked up.
  15. 4 yrs old girl and almost 1 yr old boy. I always carry lots of stuff when I'm out and about with them. one outfit for each of them, diapers and wipes, snacks, water, my wallet, make-ups, phone, keys, first aid kit. We live in MI, it's cold here, so hats and mittens also... help me please... i also consider Galliera PM but dont know how it would look stuffed up....