mono ipod cover

  1. hey, i am wondering what the ipod cover in monogram canvas retailed for (the only one online right now is for the nano)

    thanks :smile:

    Edit to add: i just searched google and one site said it was $210 and another $280. I wonder?

    Either way, i just got one from let-trade. i'm so excited for it to arrive!! i wish i never discovered that poor CC's.
  2. aha congrats ! Your ipod will look extra hot :yes:
  3. Congratulations i think it retailed for $210 and the Nomade leather was $280.
  4. Congratulations!
  5. Which iPod case are you referring to?

    Congrats btw. ;)

  6. I am referring to this one :smile: and thanks :roflmfao: i've been really bad these past few weeks. i decided to keep the rene caovilla shoes and the azur pochette! lol and then i bought the ipod case and a white multicolore (the wallet didn't work out). i wish i never discovered let-trade! lol
  7. congrats!
  8. Ahh... I see. The iPod case has been on his site for a while now, hasn't it? I'm glad someone here from tPF got it. :biggrin:
  9. helo, this is the first time i'm posting on this forum, and am kicking myself (hard) for not stumbling upon this forum earlier. i own both the widescreen ipod case and the nano case in monogram case. both are hotstamped with my initials and both look really really good!!. the widesecreen case was £120, and the nano was £115. i know this is in pounds, but i'm in london. dunno, if it helps you, but hope it does. hope you also enjoy your purchase

    Can i just add, the ones i have are for the most recent ipods. it's not the one in the picture above.
  10. Don't mean to hijack the OP's thread, but: Can you PLEASE post a pic of your heat stamped initials on the Widescreen iPod? I have the same one, and have wondered what it'll look like with the heat stamp. :nuts: