mono iPod case

  1. i really want a mono iPod case for my nano. when looking on & elux, the only one i see is this..


    but i remember seeing a mono case that looked like this..


    ..but now i can't find this model anywhere. i even called the 866 number & they told me that they only have the iPod case in the first picture. maybe it was a fake that i came across.. :confused1:

    anyways, i was wondering if anyone here has ever seen or has the iPod case in the second picture. any help would be much appreciated :yes:
  2. The one in the second picture is for the older style of iPods. I believe it's real, just not made anymore.

    I have the video version of the first pic you posted and I LOVE it.
  3. If you have an iPod Nano, I would go with the proper case for it. I'm not sure what happened to the larger case.
  4. Good eye Rebecca!
  5. Lol thanks. It looked similar to me and I remembered that people use the cigarette cases for cell phones and mp3 players as well. :yes:
  6. i have the one you are looking for. It's for video ipods, etc. (so it will fit my video creative zen player) i got it from