Mono Idylle Elegie Owners - What age category do you fall into?

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  1. 19-24; 25-34; 35-40; 40+?

    I finally tracked down 1 of the last 27 Fusian Elegie bags and like it almost as much as I thought I would. However, the manager told me that the bag is Scotch-Guarded and that LV designed the bag for the "a girl jumping on the back of her boyfriend's Vespa and riding through the rainy streets of Paris."

    I'd likely be inclined to say "whatever," but it got me thinking that maybe I'm too old for this bag. I'm not exactly going to be jumping on the back of a Vespa and riding in the rain...
  2. I LOVE the Elegie and hope to get one next year after LV restocks their inventory.

    I don't want to say my age but I don't think this bag is age specific at all. Its more lifestyle specific if anything. Only a certain kind of gal carries a messenger. But I own a mono mussette and I am more comfy in that bag than any other because I'm hands free and it sits flat against my body!!

    Show us pics if you decide to get it. I don't think anyone has done a reveal yet.
  3. I owned this bag & I'm 42. I like the idea of water repellent of this line. I'm not going to jump on the back of Vespa too because I owned CARS! LOL! So get it if you like,there is no age limit.
  4. I'm in the age range of 25-34 and I hope to get it soon! I just love how versatile it is! Oh and I think that a person of any age can carry this.
  5. I'm 25 and love my Fusain Elegie! Fusain is like the ultimate color! So versatile, I bring it everywhere with me (rain or sunny) and it still looks beautiful. Except for the buckle, its beyond scratched due to the frequency of opening and closing :P I don't think there's an age limit to this bag though. It's very casual and looks good on any age when worn messenger style.
  6. Thanks for all the responses. I phrased the question wrong -- I apologize for being impolite. I did get the bag and I'm liking it, but having to fish around a lot in it and getting papers in isn't as easy as I hoped it'd be. I like being able to carry it by hand too (oh, the good old pre-kid days ;)

    The water repellency appeals to me too. Your comment of not jumping on the back of a Vespa b/c you have your own car is what made me wonder.
  7. Please show much pics!! And a modeling one too if you're up for it:graucho:
  8. Age really doesnt matter... 40 is the new 30. You can ROCK in every age!!!

    The vespa story is really nice and as much as I love the theory that Louis Vuitton is designing Bags for Girls... but how many young Woman in there early 20s can afford Louis Vuitton??
  9. It'd be difficult to put papers inside as it lacks structure me thinks