Mono handle colors...different over time?


eat me
Nov 8, 2006
Someone may have already asked this question, but are the handle colors on the mono speedys darker in the past than currently? from the ones i've seen from a few years ago, the handles are pretty dark brown, but now bag handles are almost beige. is this true? is this a good way to *date* a bag in terms of its age?
They are almost white when new. Over time they start to patina > get darker. so as the bag ages and the more you use it the dark the handles will get, from the natural oils from your hands.
Well, the leather naturally ages, so if you store a bag away for years without using it, it still may develop a "tan". However, if it's a very dark golden brown, yes, I'd say it's a definite sign of usage.
Yes, it's called patina (the tan). The leather LV uses is untreated cowhide called vachetta. Since there's no protection against the elements the leather will gradually oxidize from the air, absorb oil (and grime!) from your hands, and develop that gorgeous honey color. Some people prefer the look of brand new vachetta, while others adore the patina. It's all just personal preference :yes: