Mono Handbag Rivets?

  1. Hey..

    What do you guys think of the LV Monogram Handbag Rivets? i think it's cute bag but not very sure what can i use the bag for though..

    Or is it better to get a Damier Azur piece.. but thus far, haven't really found any Damier Azur that fits my liking..

    Thank you alll for ur opinion
  2. I don't really like the monogram kind... I prefer the white leather one...
    So in this case, i'd choose the azur bag... which one are you thinking of?
  3. I really love the monogram rivets. I think you can use this bag as everything.
  4. I like the monogram rivets better than the damier azur, so I would go with the rivets.
  5. don't love the rivets, but like the pockets
  6. I like the rivets style but not the actually shape of the bag if you thinking about a damier azur I'd hold out for the sporty
  7. i like the whole thing. just don't like the price.
  8. I have the Monogram Rivets and love it! :heart: I think it's a VERY functional every day bag especially if you've got little ones (my youngest are 1 & 3) and need something that'll hold their stuff! :yes:
  9. I love both! I love the riveting in mono and leather, and I didn't like it at first but after seeing them on tpf, naturally they grew on me, lol. guccidiva and emilyk both have the bag in mono riveting and blew has the riveting pochette, all absolutely gorgeous!

    I love the azur line too! I don't think you can go wrong w/ either of these lines!
  10. Yes, I love mine!
  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the riveting, but I also like azur. I'd say get
  12. I LOVE the Mono Rivets!!! It holds SO MUCH!
  13. I love my Rivets! Go for that one, I have the Azur speedy also, but right now the rivets is my favorite.
  14. I love my rivets....
  15. I love all the rivets bags. Gorgeous!