Mono Groom Cles - my keys don't fit!

  1. At least not without putting them on another ring first, and then they don't fit inside so that the bag can zip. So there's not much point using as a keychain. I just love the little guy though, and hate to send him back; what else could you use this item for? Change for parking meters? Starbucks card?
  2. ^^^ did you get this yesterday? I use mine for change.
  3. i put a debit card, some bills and some coins in mine and then put it on my belt loop
  4. No, I looked at it when we were there yesterday, and then rushed out to the Century City LV first thing this morning and got the clés, a Damier accessories pouchette and a Damier wallet (the same one you were looking at in mini lin). I also had the SA pull out the white Suhali Lockit so I could drool over it and help keep myself focused to not buy any bags because I'm saving up for it.
  5. I use mine as a bag charm (I don't want to put coins in there and ruin the pretty yellow interior lol). You can also use it for a bit of spare cash, tiny things you don't want getting lost in your bag, bandaids (I have mine in the back part of my 4 key holder lol), extra cards, etc.
  6. For change or use it just to be hung on your LV bags.
  7. Use it as a bag charm and put an emergency 10 or 20 in it. Or a chapstick/balm so that it is handy! It's so cute, don't send him back!
  8. I use mine as a bag charm...but my other cles (a mini lin) I use to hold all those annoying store rewards cards as well as gift cards!
  9. Would it be tacky to use the clés as a bag charm on a plain leather bag other than LV, or on use a mono charm on a Damier?
  10. I use mine for coins and a few cards
  11. I use my Groom Cles on any bag I carry - I love him so much ! LOL LV or not - Monogram or Damier :smile:
  12. I put 3 keys, 4 cards, some receipts, bills and change in mine.. and a thumbdrive. It all fits fine. I'm thinking of getting a Ludlow to "share the load" though, as it can be a pain zipping up when there's too many bills in it.
  13. i put my keys on it with another ring and keep my ipod in it .. and sometimes my bluetooth earpiece
  14. Between car, home and work keys I have 8. And the car key has a big fob for they keyless lock. But I'm using as a bag charm and loving it!
  15. I hang my keys on the chain and put my c/c and drivers lic/change in the pochette part :smile: it works great:yahoo:

    I have also had to put my key on a small ring to put in the cles.. no big deal though :smile: