Mono Glacé + Water + Sun = DISASTER !

  1. Okay - this totally sux ! I am looking at my Mono Glacé Pocket Organizer Wallet and I just cannot accept that a small piece of the leater has chipped off! :censor:

    And here's why that happened (I know it)...

    A couple of weeks ago, I was in South Beach, at Bal Harbor at the Italian restaurant in the back, by the parking lot, when I placed my wallet on the table. Anyway, I left the table for a few minutes and then came back and noticed that a drop of water had fallen on the wallet.

    Well, little did I realize that the drop had, with the help of the SUN and HEAT, bubbled up and made a part of leather sensitive.

    I FREAKED out, and ran over to LV (like 10 ft away) and told one of the SA's to fix it QUICK. :wlae: What did the #!$%@:censor: do? She RUBBED it! :wtf:

    A small Glacé leather part came off and exposed the underlying leather. So, basically she screwed it up even more. :rant: I called for the Manager and he basically told me that I could take it to NYC to get it fixed at my store, but that he could do nothing b/c they have no repair methods on site for that type of item. (It's discontinued for all those that don't know):idea:

    I'm gonna get it fixed at 5th Avenue I guess, but it just sux :hysteric: that this happened. Well, that's my warning to all of you ladies: DON'T MIX SUN + WATER B/C IT = DISASTER ! :crybaby:
  2. They will maybe send it to france to get it fixed.
  3. Sorry to hear this. I am sure it will be fixed to your satifaction. It's just that you will be without it, and the time, hassle and inconveniece of getting it fixed. :sad: Keep us updated.
  4. The store should be able to send it away for repair. Usually a part of their regular service. Hope it works out.
  5. That sucks. What sucks even more is the fact that the SA made the damage worse by rubbing it!
  6. Oooh, I would be sooo mad at that SA ... grrr. Hopefully it will be able to be fixed since they messed it up!
  7. Arrgh! I would of totallyt bit that SA's head off! I hope it will be fixed for you!
  8. eek that sucks hope they can make it all better
  9. OMG - I SOOOOO should have done that! lol But I was just like, whatever, I'm going to the Beach so I'll just let it go.

    Good News though.....

    (drum roll please)

    LV will fully repair it for FREE :yes: because it was a defect that happened before the one year anniversary of my purchasing the wallet.

    However, when she talked about having the receipt to get it fixed for free, I totally forgot that I left my receipt at my friends apartment in Paris.:shame: I'll have to go back and get it there (or just have it mailed back to me) so that I can get it fixed here.:upsidedown:

    Maybe I can just call up LV Avenue Montaigne à Paris and ask them for a copy of my receipt to be sent to the LV NYC 5th Ave. store for confirmation ? Hmm.... :shrugs:
  10. oh...I'm sorry about your wallet! I hope you get a quick replacement!!1