Mono Galleria PM or Mono Arsty MM?

Mono Galliera PM or Mono Artsy MM?

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Jul 16, 2009
Sunny Florida
I figured I'd ask my fellow purse lovers out there since I've always received good advice!
Here's my dilemma:
I've been thinking of buying a brand new mono Galliera PM. I already have one and I love this bag except for the fact that the canvas is pretty stretched out. I bought it pre-loved a couple of years ago and I think the previous owner over-stuffed it and it stretched out from constant use. So, every time I set the bag down, it just slouches down in a big puddle. It doesn't stand nicely and firm like my Azur Galliera PM. It has a medium honey patina but that doesn't bother me too much and I already had the rings replaced.

And I've been wanting the Artsy MM and hope to get it before the price increase. But my only fear is that somehow the strap won't be comfy like my Galliera's is--even after breaking it in. So if I buy the Artsy, I'd keep my mono Galliera as a backup, more comfy bag and live with the stretched out canvas for now.

I can only buy one bag right now. Is it silly to re-buy the Galliera PM?
If I re-buy the Galliera I'd let go of my old one. Should I just keep my old one and just buy the Artsy? I'm so confused!

Mods, I know there is no selling/buying/trading on tpf!

Oops, I misspelled Galliera....that's annoying


LV and Let LV
Jun 18, 2010
Midwest (formerly Honolulu)
I think it's important to really love the bags you have, so if you are not happy with your Galliera then replace it with another Galliera. However, I have heard that the bag does tend to slouch regardless after some time. :sad:


Dec 29, 2011
The Artsy. Reviews from the Artsy clubhouse say that once the handle is broken in, it feels better. It seems if you get another Galliera it will eventually slouch as well.


Sep 17, 2011
LVLoveaffair said:
I ended up getting the Artsy! I love it!! Now I just have to break it in :biggrin:
The quickest way to break the handle in is to put all your stuff in it and hang it from a door knob and let gravity work for you .....really helps with stiffness of the handle

Congrats with your new purchase
Nov 30, 2010
The Artsy. I had the same problem with slouching on my mono Galliera and that was only a couple months old. I think it's just common for the mono canvas. I ended up selling that pretty quickly because I hated how it would fold over in a puddle each time I set it on something. I wanted more structure. I think the Artsy will fill that void for you.


Jul 16, 2009
Sunny Florida
Thanks Mekinfrance, Micoco, emma, Coquille and Lands!

LVSistinaMM- I'm glad I chose the Artsy! I think I'd still be dreaming of it if I just got a new Galliera.

It really is roomy and I love all the pockets. I like the lining too and the handle is so gorgeous. :love: