Mono Emilie or Josephine wallet...

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  1. I got a chance to play with both the Emilie and Josephine wallets today. I liked the look of both wallets ever since I saw them in the Valentine's catalog. But after having seen both wallets IRL, I'm 100% sure I'm going to pick me up an emilie wallet! I've been looking for a monogram wallet that I'd be happy with for forever, lol...and I think I finally found it. I liked the 'envelope' look of the Josephine but I don't know if I'd be patient enough with a long 'tri-fold' wallet. I found the emilie very similar to the sarah wallet..and I love the sarah wallet. It is a tad bit thinner than the sarah wallet and I do like the 2 larger pockets to keep receipts and papers in. And the red interior...ooohhh!! Yummy!
  2. I haven't seen either of them IRL, but from the photos I prefer the Emilie.
  3. i like Josephine in blue
  4. I'm having the same dilemma too! OP, if I were you, I'd go for Josephine since you already have a few Sarah wallets. Emilie seems like a more compact version of Sarah - less compartments, thinner and less bulky, etc.

    Since Sarah has always been such a popular style, Emilie should be a won't-go-wrong style too, if you don't mind the colored button and less compartments - the price has definitely make up for those! :P

    As for Josephine, I love how versatile the removable coin compartment is! Like a 2-in-1 wallet, the coin pouch can be so handy for smaller bags/clutch! But.., I'm not sure if I will find the tri-fold format inconvenience in the long run. :thinking:

    Decision, decision..! :wacko:
  5. Aww, thank u everyone for the input.... I talked my sa and they only have blue emilieleft, but I've decided to pack my little kids today and head out to the boutique!
    And i'll decide which one..

    I also have mc international wallet which I never use anymore because of the trifold factor.... But as I mentioned I'm addicted to Sarah wallets, I have one in mono, damier and vernice...

    This is going to be a small valentine pressie for myself! So maybe my hubby can get me the new 'ipad'.. Hehe

    Thank u again, sorry for typos, I'm writing from my iPhone :smile:
  6. Whichever you decide on, do remember to post pix, ya? ;)

    Btw, will these be permanent, LE or seasonal?
  7. Thanks again everyone!
    I came back with red emilie wallet!! :smile: pics later, I'm getting eye exam soon, just waiting here.....
  8. Congrats on your new red Emilie!! Can't wait to see your reveal pics!
  9. I bought the green Emilie last night! It was a toss up between green or the red! I ended up letting my dh decide!

    Can't wait to see your pics!

  10. Please show pics!!! I was thinking about the green too!! TIA!!
  11. ^^^

    Yes, I saw them both last night & can't decide between the red or green. So pretty. I don't have an LV wallet yet, so this will be my first. I thought I liked the Josephine because of the removable coin slot- BUT now you ladies have me thinking!

    What to do, what to do.... green or red, green or red :thinking:
  12. I love the sarah, and havent seen either the emilie or the josephine IRL, but i would probably pick the Emilie
  13. I ordered the red Josephine today...I like the removable pouch so i went for that one.Snowing here so I just ordered it over the phone from my SAKS.
  14. Congrats! :nuts: What makes you choose Emilie over Josephine? Can't wait to see your pix! ;)
  15. I just purchased a red Emilie too yesterday. It is very functional and soft. I like it!