Mono Emilie or Josephine wallet...

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  1. i have red Josephine wallet on hold for me and i have to make up my mind tonight to get it shipped...can't go to the store until next week....grrrr, which one do you like better?!

    i LOVE my Sarah wallets (i have 3) i wonder if i like Emilie better.... those of you who have already seen it and played with, can u help me?! thank you!

  2. Haven't seen them IRL but I prefer the Sarah. But between the Emilie and Josephine, since you already have a few Sarahs go with the Josephine.
  3. I like the Emilie. I want to get it in blue.
  4. I like the Josephine a lot better (the one with the removable coin purse). It's more functional!
  5. I like the Emilie too and the flashes of color. Very pretty.
  6. I like the Emilie design better, but it is very similar to Sarah. So considering you've got 3 Sarahs, perhaps you should go for Josephine.
  7. I think both wallets are nice, but I haven't seen them in real life yet. I like how the Josephine looks like an envelop but I like the inside of the Emilie better! I don't know if the removable coin pouch on the Josephine is a good idea.
  8. They look great in Valentines book do they have a change area on them. I love my insolite but it takes alot of space.
  9. I saw them today, and they're kind of cute. I'm still not loving the colored snap on them, but they are at a great price point, especially for Louis Vuitton. The removable change holder is amazing--both me and my SA said that it would be great to fill with quarters and leave in your car for parking meters. The second they sell just the change holder I'm buying it!
  10. Emilie gets my vote
  11. sorry- i don't like either of them.
  12. i vote for emilie!

    i plan to get one in red for myself as my first LV wallet :smile:
    i've been deciding between a mono sarah and insolite for months.
    glad i waited, emilie is the perfect mix! it has the style/size similar to sarah with the color accent inside, which is what i like about the insolite. plus, the price is just right!
  13. I think I like the sarah better but if I had to pick from the photos I think I would pick the emile. I plan on seeing them both tomorrow in person
  14. At first I thought eeewie when I saw the sneak pics of the wallet...but now is a different story! I welcome a red interior and I am on team Josephine because I am liking the seperate removable coin pocket....i think this would be a nice compliement for my pomme bb alma...
  15. I purchased the Emilie today and love her! The Josephine was nice too, but the
    style of the Emilie would allow me to slip my cell in it and use as a clutch. Plus I like being able to open my wallet without the whole trifold flopping open. Both
    are gorgeous! GL!