Mono Ellipse PM

  1. so i had a bit of time choosing between which designer bag to buy out on 5th Ave. NYC. i had a hard time choosing between getting another Bbag, a Prada (this season's bags are HOT), and a travel, hands free bag from LV.

    i ended up in the LV boutique and looking at the 1) damier rift, 2) mono marly and 3) mono ellipse pm. totally different styles, but i ended with the ellipse.

    I LOVE IT!! i started using it immediately. the ellipse was a bag i have been thinking about purchasing for a few weeks now, but wasn't sure about the shape.

    holy crap, it fits a lot. i have two toddlers and i went to a party with them today carrying the ellipse. i was able to fit my chanel wallet, my phone, keys, a mini mono pouchette and i still had enough space for their extra clothes (shorts and tees). i LOVE the way it opens up so i can find anything quicker than when i search in my speedy.

    i'm thoroughly impressed by the bag, and the handles are really comfortable. i'm happy!
  2. Congrats on your ellipse!!! The ellipse pm was my very first LV and I still love it so much. It really does hold a ton, everything I need and then some. I love the shape, so unique and looks like a clam shell :smile:
  3. Yay! Congrats on your Ellipse! :flowers: I'd love to see pics of you with it!:heart:
  4. Aww... congrats. :smile:
  5. Congrats! I have this one too and LOVE it.
    It's such a cute, different shape :heart:
  6. Good for you! I love the shape of that bag, too cool!!
  7. Congrats!! You are so lucky!! I've been dreaming about the ellipse for a very long time now, but considering I'm planning a wedding very soon, I won't be able to indulge for a long time!! I too love the shape of the ellipse. I remember seeing a girl carrying one a few years ago, before I even owned any LV and I loved the way it looked so much!
  8. Awesome purchase, this bag is on my want list.
    Be sure to post pic's when you can.
  9. CONGRATS!!!:yahoo:I LOVE Ellipse PM!!!:love: GREAT choice!:yes:
  10. :yahoo: Yay for the Ellipse - ever since I got mine - its all I carry - love love love it:love: