mono design is rubbing off my

  1. so I was just looking over my coussin and at the top corners and it seems like the design is rubbing off on the corners. I've only had this 6 months, any idea what I should do??
  2. not much you can do, sorry
  3. Unfortunately, that's just normal wear-and-tear. :sad: It doesn't affect the durability of the bag though; it should have plenty of years left.
  4. too bad!! that happened with my multicolor wapity..................
  5. That happened with a mono wallet I have,but I use it alot.
  6. WHAT?
    This is the part where I freak out, and hide my bags from the light.
  7. I thought this only happened with MC....thanks for the info! Sorry that happened to your bag =(
  8. I have some of the monogram fading near the closure on my musette tango...i don't mind though, its where it gets touched the most.
  9. Well, if you've only had it for 6 months, definately call 866#.
  10. Normal wear and tear especially on corners and this particular model.
  11. Do you have any pics?
  12. Same thing happened to me, but the wallet is over 10 years old.