Mono & Damier owners- Do you try to avoid wearing black when carrying your purse?

  1. Today I am wearing a v-neck purple dress w/ a black cami and black shoes. I guess a black purse would look better with it but I didn't have time to switch purses so I am using my Mono Beverly MM. Usually if I'm wearing a mainly black outfit I'll use my other purse because I feel like a brown purse with a black outfit is mismatched. Or maybe it depends on the outfit? Hmm...what will I do in the winter time when I wear my black peacoat? Defintely if I wear a print, I carry a solid color purse, cuz the print and mono would clash.
  2. I wear Mono and Damier with any color.
  3. I think mono and damier look great with black.
  4. I think Mono looks fantastic with Black!
  5. I was always iffy about this at first but then I saw some pics of Angelina Jolie wearing all black and a monogram bag and it looked good so now I wear mono (and damier) with black all the time.
  6. I wear every color with my Mono and Damier pieces, especially black!
  7. I have Damier, and it goes with black very well, since it has flecks of black in it.
  8. I think they both look fabulous with black or any color!!!
  9. I carry my damier speedy when I wear black (or any other color!) :yes:
  10. Carry your bag with pride & it will look good on you - I think both mono & damier look very elegant with black
  11. nothing can look bad against black.
  12. I like mono with all black. I agree that your outfit today may have looked better with a black bag.
  13. I love the look of Monogram with black, with any color, any print. I used to have an Alma damier, and for some reason I could not get past the checkerboard print and I really limited what I would wear with it. I have sold it but I still love the damier, just not for me.
  14. yes I wear black with my mono and damier purses!
  15. I don't think I can think of a colour that you can't wear with black. I love brown black together. Anyway the mono and the damier are sort of considered neutral pieces people wear them with every colour. Just enjoy your bag!