Mono Cosmetic Case 15 or Mini Pochette

  1. Smallest cosmetic case or mini pochette for cc's and receipts?
  2. i think it depends (among other things) on if you plan on using it solo or using it inside of a larger bag. if you buy lots of things, and have lots of cards, and are using a larger bag anway, i would go for the pochette cosmetique, but if you will be using it solo, go for the mini pochette.

    were you thinking damier or mono?? i like the damier either way you go!!!
  3. oops sorry i was thinking of the half-moon shaped cosmetic case. i still agree with what i said, but obviously it doesnt come in damier...
  4. mini pochette
  5. mini pouchette
  6. Poche Toilette 15 - I use it for extra credit cards, receipts, and my Palm PDA.

    I also have the Mono Poche Cosmetique which I use for little cosmetic stuff but it's a little wider than the Poche Toilette 15.
  7. Ah- get both....:yes:
  8. Mini pochette.
  9. I have the mini pochette, but would like both, agree with amamxr...
  10. mini pochette!
    gotta love the chain!
  11. i agree with the mini pochette!