Mono Cles with Framboise

  1. I love the mono against the framboise...!:heart:
    Framboise & mono cles 1.jpg Framboise and mono cles 2.jpg
  2. and thats why i need a reade pm and a mono dad said "NO", like he always does.......:mad:
  3. Darn dads....
  4. That's beautiful! Is the bag the Brentwood?
  5. Thanks! yes it is, good eye. I just got the cles yesterday, it's my first mono piece!:heart:
  6. Pretty! Love the brentwood
  7. I love that Brentwood. YOu're right...
  8. Looks great Vee! But, I think anything would look good against that beautiful Framboise Brentwood...ah....:love:
  9. Very nice! We're brentwood twins! I have that one too!
  10. BTW, I love the panda with it too....I use a bracelet to attach the rond :smile:
  11. Love your Brentwood, Veronika. And the cles looks like chocolate against the backdrop of a strawberry field.

  12. yum yum... yes it does... I ADORE your analogies..... YAY!!!

  13. ooohhh, I have chills, can't imagine it getting ANY better than a Panda ronde against the framboise Brentwood sista...

    I WISH I could get my hands on that ronde... that's why I bought the groom ronde, cause I knew I'd regret... Panda and framboise Brentwood, that my friend is the ULTIMATE!:heart: the mono cles is a good 2nd....:love:
  14. love the brentwood, what about a perle vernis heart shape coin purse? or perle cles? they'd be super cute together!
  15. They look great together and congrats on your first monogram piece.