mono cles seam should...

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  1. Hi anyone out there with the mono cles...does the seam match the monogram print...mine is off by a number of mm and I find it annoying...did anyone get a cles where they match up and are not way off at the seam...hope you know what i mean...thanks
  2. I think you will find most cles will be off slightly.
  3. mine is off just a tad,
    Picture 003.jpg
  4. yeah, I was worried about this too when I got my first cles but everyone on the forum reassured me that most cles won't be perfectly aligned. I guess that's just the way it is...
  5. Yours is pretty good...mine seems way more off than that...also should there be a date code inside I did not see one???? thanks
  6. i just received mine last week from elux...i am in love with this little thing!!! mine is perfectly aligned.
  7. I think mine seems pretty good..
  8. Mine is exactly the same!:flowers:
  9. Mine's also slightly off. My pochette is waaay off though, shrug, it's all good ! :yes:
  10. mine sucks...I wanna rip it apart and stitch it up myself...:hysteric:
  11. mine is just a tad off - but i'm totally happy with it!
  12. yes but you almost have to turn the cles inside out to see/find it. its along the seam, and i believe on the same side as the chain.
  13. I have to say, mine is almost perfectly aligned and it's also like 10 years old. I love LV, but I truly believe their quality has slipped a little in recent years.....
  14. Mine is way off...maybe I should exchange it if that is not the is very noticeable if you look at....
  15. Mine is ok, but the damier one is not alligned with the elux foto. Anyway I love it, but I have to say the mono one is my least used. I´ve got 3 and I wanted to add more but I think 3 are enough, more when I´m thinking in a damier koala