Mono cles question

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  1. So I just bought myself a mono key pouch directly from an LV boutique, since I bought it from Lv I know I shouldn't be worried about authenticity but being slightly OCD when it comes to. LV I made everything was accurate, date code etc, that all looks good but I read that the zipper should have a 3y marking omit, mine doesn't.... For all you who just bought one recently does yours have it? I attached a pic below where it should be... Do you know if later models no longer had that?

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  2. FYI I read it should be in the middle between the zippers....
  3. If you bought it from LV I think you know the answer. ;)
  4. Lol I know thanks... My hubby said I'm crazy, I need to stop reading ebay guides esp since I got it from the lv store....
  5. You bought it from the boutique. It's authentic. Don't make yourself crazy. LV is not perfect and the online "guides" don't take into consideration new changes and just simple error that can occur when the item was made.
  6. Thanks I feel better now and very silly for driving myself nuts... If I could delete this thread I would lol but I guess it'll be a reminder to myself that next time stop being so dramatic :smile: