mono cles owners please help me

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  1. i've only bought two things from elux and i'm not happy with either of them. i think i'll be better off just going straight to the boutiques since i'm so picky and anal. :sweatdrop:

    i noticed the stiches on the side corners spill out (see pic) and overall the cles is very bulky. is this normal or are the stitches supposed to be not as apparent?

  2. hmm doesnt look ok to me.
  3. go straight to the boutique, it seems not normal. i've got 2 porte cles and mine are not like your :smile:
  4. it does look bulky....thats why elux is bad, because you cant choose your bag...
  5. I don't own that one but a cerises cles and it does look neater than yours, sorry. Maybe you can exchange it?
  6. Seeing a bit of the threading at the corners is normal (the mono cles I bought at the store had that).

    However, in the jpeg you posted, the corner of the cles looks like it's been stretched severely - look at the holes! It should not look like that.
  7. It didn't look nice. When did you get it? Please send it back and exchange/refund asap.
  8. ugh. ok i'm sending it back. i didn't think it was supposed to be this ugly! lol. thank you everyone.