Mono Cles- 1001 uses :)

  1. Ive found about 20 ways how to use my cles, and heres another way!!

    I was looking around for my Nintendo DS game holder, and of course I couldnt find it...

    I needed something to hold my extra stylus and my games......

    perfect solution (also VERY stylish)

    ...use your Mono Cles!!!

    Pics are coimng!!
  2. [​IMG]


  3. :shame: ..........and i do still use game boy advance games on my ds
  4. I have the pink DS too!!
  5. That's such a cute use.

  6. ya, i love the ds system! i have a pink ds lite, a black ds lite, the older model ds in pink, and i had an older model red one, but I traded it in for my black ds :smile:
  7. Oh great idea I've been looking for something to carry extra games, I have the black one (damm fingerprints worse than amarante LOL) I just got a Wii too no reason to add that I'm just excited LOL
  8. That's very clever!:smile:
  9. Whoa so many! I have a SuperCard so all my games are in one card...but I play Animal Crossing only anyway!! LOL
  10. Very cute.
  11. That is very clever! I need to get a cles.
  12. That's what I use mine for too! I mostly play Animal Crossing too, but I recently got the Sims 2 and Pokemon Pearl (I know, I'm such a geek!)
  13. Oh my gosh, I play my pink ds EVERYDAY because I have the r4 card which lets me download all the games I want for free. And I just bought the internet browser which lets me access the internet on my ds! So I can look at the purse forum wherever I am =)
    I had to buy a cute pouch to put my games too, before I bought the r4. I should've thought about putting them in my vernes cles!
    Very cute idea :tup:
  14. wow.
  15. zoomom, my kids have Pokemon Pearl. They just upgraded this past Christmas to the Nintendo DS. They also have for the game boy advance Pokemon gold, silver, red, green, , ruby, sapphire. They are Pokemon fanatics. I personally have Hello Kitty game for the gameboy advance, lol.