Mono Charm Line Pictures

  1. Thanks to Selena for the link... Editted. OH OOPS! Sorry Selena! I didn't see you had already posted the link in another thread. Oh well, here are the pictures again. Sorry!



  2. I really want the pochette!! I wonder if it comes in other colors.
  3. I like the cles, and the plate.. and the pochette would be adorable if it came in pink !
  4. Cute!
  5. The pochette cles are cute in pink! ...but for $395CDN no thanks!
  6. Cute but not for me.
  7. I want my pochette NOW. Ugh.
  8. I like this one.
  9. What are the prices? Does anyone know?
  10. I like that. I think the design of most of the bags is overwhelming, but this one is nice.
  11. I think I'll take a pass on these ones. :biggrin:
  12. They remind me of a line Gucci had about two years ago. They're nice, though.
  13. I posted prices in the other thread but I will post here again.

    Pochette Cles $395 CAD
    Pochette Plate $535 CAD
    Pochette Accessories $775 CAD
  14. I liked the Cles and the long wallet(the brown leather portion is divine on this wallet!) but probably...actually DEF will pass w/that price for a trendy looking LV.
  15. is it true that you have to buy the handle sepertly.