Mono Carryall or Myrtille Soufflot or Damier Saleya MM?

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  1. What should I do?

    I bought a Mono Carryall two Fridays ago. I thought I would get over my MONO-phobia. I've been hoping I will but didn't. Should I return it and get a Myrtille Soufflot as I've requested for it. Or return it and get a Damier Saleya MM?

    Basically... Should I return the damn Mono Carryall since I can't get use to the MONO???
  2. I'm still confused. Apart of me still love the Mono Carryall (the vechatte feels so soft!!!) and refuse to return it in hope that I will like Mono one day... But i saw the Tabago Red Carryall and fall in love with it..

    Are treated canvas better than leather??? last longer???
  3. If you can't bring yourself to use mono, then you should return it...if you ever start to like it it will always be there. The red Tabago is hot, get that is you like it.
  4. I would get the saleya.
  5. if you're not gonna use it, you might as well exchange it......

    my vote goes to the saleya!!!
  6. If you're not comfortable with what you bought, return it.
    I would go for a Saleya MM. I love Saleya. I have a PM. Such a practical bag!
  7. I agree - you should get the things that you love! Or the things that you'll use! Ideally things that you love and use - cuz otherwise that's a pretty pricey thing just to keep in your closet.

    I'd exchange for Saleya or pay up a bit more and get the tobago! So pretty!! The coated canvas itself can withstand more beating than leather, but the vachetta is susceptible to stains including water stains...
  8. my vote is for the soufflot because I love the shape...
  9. I would return it and get the damier saleya MM :yes:
  10. Get what you think you'd use more.
  11. Saleya or the red carryall> its HOT!
  12. Ditto! Love soufflot ....very classy...And I think you should get the tobago if that is what your :heart: says...Good luck!
  13. I think either the Epi or the Damier is less worry for you, and therefore, you'll use them more. They are very different and I really love both....I'm no help, am I?:shame: :shrugs:
    Do you want more of a neutral (Damier) or a pop of color (Epi Myrtille)?
  14. i say soufflot because it has a very cute shape
  15. OK, people! I've decided!

    One of my favourite SA rang last night to inform me that the Myrtille Soufflot is ready for collection! Yay! But I was still in doubt..

    This morning, I woke up and decided that I want the soufflot! Yay! And I bougth my Carryall with me to work so I can exchange it later for the soufflot! Yay!.. (I think)...

    I am not a MONO girl... Am very sure of that!

    Thank you for your ears/eyes! xoxo