Mono Canvas

  1. Is are all mono canvases exactly the same in sheen and texture? I ask this because I received a new speedy that is slightly less shiny than the pochette I purchased 5 years ago. Does the canvas "age" slightly over time?

    So if you are authenticating a bag IRL is it dependable to compare the sheen and texture of one of your older bags to your newer one?

    Thank you!
  2. IMO any bag that has aged is not going to have the same sheen/shine. So comparing your new bag to the 5 year old bag is not a good indicator of authenticity due to the sheen having some age.
  3. Is the Speedy made more recently?
    I think I heard something about the newer bags being made of a different kind of canvas. One that's more durable or something...
  4. I read about this somewhere but can't remember if it was true or not. I do know that someone told me that the mono canvas made in France's print is lighter than the ones made in US and I compared my Speedy 40 (made in France) to my Speedy 35( made in US) and sure enough the print on the 40 is more faded.
  5. I read somewhere they changed something about the way the canvas is made in order to make it more supple. Your new bag is probably made of this new canvas.
  6. The speedy is a classic, dating back to beginning. :amuse:
  7. The older pochette (made in the US) is shinier than my 2005 speedy (made in the US). You would think it would be the other way around? :blink:
  8. I knew THAT! :lol:

    I meant was her particular Speedy made more recently, as in the date code. Maybe a Speedy made in 06 would have this so called "new" canvas as opposed to a bag that was produced in 01.
  9. No, I think it must be this new canvas thing.
    I remember buying my Pop Haut and BH last year and thinking that the canvas looked a little "dull" for lack of a better word.

    Maybe you can search old posts and see if anything comes up as far as the canvas change.
  10. I think it has to do with use, like when you grafually use your Speedy and it starts to sag...and the oils in your hands that make it a little more shiny...
  11. how do you noe if your bag was made in usa or france?
  12. It says so on the leaf tab at the side. Made in ___
  13. I purchased my speedy 30 back in '93. The speey 25 I just bought does have a different canvas. It does somehow seem "duller". Both were made in the usa.
  14. really? i thought they all said made in france..? wenever i go buy them they always say that...and to clarify yu mean that little tab near the ends of the zipper right? like the ones on each side but not the side w/ the lock? i feel so inexperienced...hahaha...-__-''
  15. They're not all made in France.
    Some are made in the US.
    Other LV bags are made in Spain.