Mono canvas

  1. I have four mono canvas handbags which I usually love but, with spring rolling around I find they look dark and heavy and I am less drawn to them...anyone else feel this mono canvas more in fall I am drawn to my gucci bags because they are brighter colours...I never thought that I could want to hibernate my mono bags but, I do...I feel bad too and as much as I love my mono bags I do not think I would ever get another one because I like more colour....
  2. I feel like that too sometimes even though Monogram is a year round canvas.
  3. it is already too hot here in fla.... and i feel like that often about my mono bags. since my Manhattan PM (which has been my everyday bag for a quite some time) is in repair and i'm going through withdraw,,,,, i've been using white MC speedy..... which i am not feeling it and too darn heavy!!! cherry speedy cheered me up today (even though i had a rootcanal yesterday and i'm in a major pain)

    i just ordered pink denim speedy --- hopefully i'll LOVE it for the summer time!
  4. mmm..i guess i can see why mono would be more for fall or winter...but I like wearing my mono speedy with jeans/capris and white tank..ala Jessica Simpson..LOL...i guess if you wear summery colors like pink/blue ish it would look off (maybe?!),...time to buy more bags!! LOL
  5. AnnaBeth, maybe it's time for that MC white color bag or that hot Pomme d'amour Roxbury Drive. Now there you will have some beautiful colors for S/S.
  6. I love Monogram Canvas all year round!!! Same with Damier, they are both for every season... I see lots of them in the summer and lots of people wear and carry black bags all summer, so with a spring/summer outfit, it still looks great!!! Don't put them away... Use them!!! :smile:
  7. I feel the same way... I totally fell out of love w/ the regular Mono... it's dark, boring and... ehm... kinda ugly :shame: I only have my Speedy 30 left - and I'm pretty sure I won't get a Mono Canvas bag again.
  8. Well, then go get an azur bag!!
  9. I was just thinking the same thing, getting an Azur....Do you like Azur, LVPUG? I think that just might be my next bag for the spring/summer...I've been using my regular damier speedy and although I love it, I'm thinking it might be time for a change. Plus I recently sold all of my other designer bags (just needed a fresh start) so I've only had the speedy and a recent small Coach purchase....I can't believe I'm down to 2 bags-that's so unheard of for me!!! :nuts:
  10. Switch to different bags for spring!
  11. rotating bags is good. your gucci's have been stored up all winter, time to take them out.
  12. I think the Mono is a year round bag. It especially looks nice when the vachetta is still light IMO. I just ordered the Azur Speedy just for a switch during S/S months but I will still use my Mono as well....
  13. yep! so a damier mini pochette is on my list to have come late spring!
  14. I think it's time to add some Azur to your collection! :graucho:

    I've been using my Mono bags more as the weather heats up. I do think the "regular" Damier is more fall/winter though.
  15. I was feeling the same way, so I added a spring Bvlgari scarf to my mono ellipse. The scarf has brown in it, along with the pink and light blue, so I feel like it still matches the brown canvas. I wore it yesterday with jeans and light blue tank.