Mono Canvas Speedy - Spray Entire Bag w/ Leather Protectant?

  1. Hi all! I've had my Mono Canvas Speedy 35 for a week now, I've carried it only a few times so far. Got a droplet of rain on one handle yesterday when I opened my car door (the bag stayed in the car because I wouldn't take it out in the rain). I can still see where the water droplet landed, but it's tiny so its ok, even though I keep obsessing over it! I searched the forum about whether to spray or not to spray the leather and decided to spray it with Wilson's leather spray (one VERY light coating, spraying at least a foot to a foot and a half away). I wrapped the handles and tabs and avoided the piping. I then went back and read some more threads and realized that I was confused and probably shouldn't have sprayed the body of the bag, but that I should have sprayed the handles and piping instead.

    Now that I've driven myself crazy the past few hours after I realized I was misinterpreting what I was reading, I decided to just let it all be to patina on its own (I'm VERY, VERY careful with my bags and I like patina) -- unless any of you highly recommend the leather protector. However, I'm worried about the light coating of Wilson's leather protectant I sprayed on my bag 5-6 hours ago (this is my favorite spray and have used it for years on my shoes and other bags - Botkier, Bulga, Balenciaga...). I'm the type of person who sprays everything leather to preserve it and keep it from getting dirty -- all my other shoes, bags, and coats are sprayed, but this is my first LV.

    Has the Wilson's spray dried and left a film on my bag since the MC won't absorb it since it's already pre-treated? I carefully spot blotted the body of the bag (not the vechetta) with a slightly damp cloth and dried it immediately with a dry cloth. Do I need to do this with baby wipes to dissolve the Wilson's spray (have to wait until tomorrow morning to run out and get some)? Any advice is greatly appreciated!!!
  2. OKay I am confused. I am assuming you sprayed the Coated Canvas and not the leather piping and handles, correct? I could have read that wrong but that's what I think you were saying.

    Anyhoo, the coated canvas will be fine with no protectant. The protectant is for the handles and piping. Anything that is actually leather. Although, I cant imagine the spray would harm the canvas however I never use it!
  3. Also, on the canvas part of my bags I actually use a washcloth and water if anything gets on it!
  4. Haha, yea Crystal she sprayed the canvas and wants to know if the spray will harm her bag/ leave a film on it. To be honest it might, just wipe it down with a damp cloth really well, try avoidiung the vachetta but IF the damp cloth touches it and darkens it a bit PLEASE don't freak, just continue wiping the bag and the water should dry, the reason the raindrop left a bit of a stain on you bag is becuase when it fell it fell with FORCE becuause it fell from VERY high so it went INTO the leather of the bag, usually when water gets on the SURFACE of the leather it dries up, just rub it down with a damp cloth one or twice. I suggest spraying the bag a time or two from a dirtance of like 4-5 CM and let it dry for 30 minutes and do it once or twice again, it will protect the bag a bit and although it will slow the patina a bit it will protect it better, vachetta is quite prone to dirt IMO. Hope that helps! :flowers: Enjoy Your bag!!!!!
  5. Thank you! I'm going to wipe it down again. Is water ok or should I use the baby wipes?
  6. ^^^ either will probably work.

    Yeah, it the vachetta you want to spray :smile:
  7. Yes, use Shining Monkey for the Vachetta straps and trimming, because I don't think you have to worry about the canvas too much.
  8. Ok, I did it. After a series of wipe downs on the canvas with Huggies Supreme unscented baby wipes, followed by a damp cloth and dry towel (avoiding the vachetta), I sprayed the vachetta with leather spray. I still used my Wilson's spray and it dried almost instantly, if left not one mark! You could watch the spots disappear within seconds. Now I'm starting to feel better....after almost a whole day of stressing that I did something wrong!

    I'm waiting for the leather to completely dry (the Wilson's can says to wait one hour) and I'm going to do another coating. Since you can't control where the spray goes, I waited a couple minutes and wiped off the over-spray on the surrounding areas around the piping and the handle tabs. It was very wet at first so I didn't want to try to wipe it off immediately after spraying to avoid spreading the wet leather spray and making an even bigger mess. I also took the advice of another thread on this board and held my bag upside down to spray the handles. Here is a link to the other instructions I followed:

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    At least now I'll know for next time ;)
  9. I just use baby wipes to clean my bags!!
  10. Wilson's will not harm the canvas. I like Wilson's the best - it dries so fast with no marks whatsoever.
  11. baby wipes work, but i prefer to use a "humid sponge" (lv care booklet)\lol