MONO CANVAS question

  1. i don't know if this has been talked about but does the canvas become softer the more use it gets or the older it is?

    I exchange my manhattan for a new one now i'm thinking if the one i got is also a returned(used) item b/c the canvas is much softer than my original manhattan. thanks!
  2. That's really interesting as I am planning on purchasing a Manhattan PM next week. I have no time ask the SA if you can see multiple bags at once...unless you shop at Elux
  3. When you say it got softer, do you mean it's softer to the touch or the canvas is now saggier?

    After time the canvas should get saggier as you use it more. I'm not sure about it feeling softer though.
  4. My Manhattan GM canvas is very soft and the bag was purchased brand new (they cut off the plastic off the handles in front of me). HTH.:flowers:

  5. it got softer and squishy esp when being zipped..
  6. Some time ago LV switched over to a softer, more pliable canvas. My new Lockit PM has the softer canvas, and also the whole batignolles collection, tulem collection, and a couple others. I think in time, they will be using that softer canvas for every mono bag that is produced. I don't really like it as much as the tougher canvas. It doesn't hold it's shape as well.
  7. I think the canvas just varies and I wonder if it is by where it is made. My speedy is very stiff and it was made in USA. My pochette is very soft and it was made in France.
  8. Interesting. Do you know when they switched?

  9. Sometime just before the batignolles collection came out I think or the Tulem, whichever was first. When I went to LV to buy my Lockit, I said to the SA , "OH, this is the new canvas isn't it? Because it's a lot softer than the old canvas." And he said, Yes, it is, and pretty soon all bags will be made with the softer canvas.

  10. Was this post-2004? I just bought a papillon, supposedly made in 2004, and the canvas is a bit squishy? or maybe I am being too picky because I wasn't happy with my experience with the seller? The sides of the papillon are fine, but the top of it looks as if it has been squished in a little, which I suppose could happen if the seller carried the bag frequently on her shoulder.

  11. No, I don't think so. The new canvas is very distiguishable from the old. It's thinner and lighter and the whole thing is more squishy. It's just not as sturdy as the old canvas and I don't really like it for that reason. I like the canvas to be nice and tough and keep it's shape.
  12. Mine's just as soft as when I got it. I did see some bags where the canvas part by the sipper has some hairline cracks but that's normal due to wear and tear and humidity I think.