Mono canvas is flashy!!!

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  1. It is flashy and I hate attention but, dang it is so beautiful....I love the look...I love daimer too....there is something nice about a handbag with a historical hate the style just not the flashy aspect where people recognize the designer immediately...ohh well...
  2. Have you thought about something from the EPI line? It's classy and probably doesn't scream out LV to people not in the know.
  3. ^^I agree...Epi is much more low key.
  4. I own the epi alma ivoire....for everyday I tend to pull out one of my mono bags..I have vernis, daimer, denim and MC (my super flashy bag...LOL)...I always go back to the standard mono canvas looks nice and goes with almost everything...I wish it was less popular or more years is too mainstream and therefore recognized easily...
  5. I don't find the mono very flashy at all. In fact, I think it is pretty subtle.
    We were at a restaurant yesterday for lunch and some ladies came in for a birthday party. Two had was a cabas piano and I didn't recognize the other, but it was a tote style mono bag. I don't think I would have noticed the bags except for the fact that I am ALWAYS out the LV lookout. :smile: The ladies were just so casual about carrying it. I hope that is how I look when I carry mine. :smile:
  6. I find LV logos very very flashy but I still have them..Sigh!

    If I buy epi or suhali, I now need to be very very sure and try to keep them because the resale value is very low. I sold 5 epi pieces and 1 suhali before at ridiculously low price hence I told myself, if I invest in an epi or suhali, it has to be a keeper. I am thinking very hard on the le maj and waiting to see the Mahina L.

    p.s My beverly GM in black is so loud too...I thought my trouville was loud but wait till you see my beverly :biggrin:
  7. Sigh - yes, the price we pay for highly-recognizable bags....I totally agree that it's known everywhere, but that mono is just so beautiful. I really do love it....
  8. i know mono is recognizable but i never considered it flashy. now that you mention it, though, i'm feeling a bit self-conscious! ;)
  9. the mono is not flashy at all...and besides sometimes you like people to know where you got your bag from right??? LOL:yes:
  10. I agree that Monogram is flashly but oh so gorgeous and who can resist it? I guess I am not subtle and don't expect my bags to be either LOL! I know that I get attention when I carry LV but that comes with the territory right? Start with Epi and then when you feel comfortable with LV get a Monogram bag. ;)
  11. lol I know what you mean. Sometimes I get self conscious because I feel like people are staring at my bag! but it's probably all in my head lol....
  12. Yes, Mono is flashy. You just have to decide if you're okay with that. I go back and forth-sometimes I love logo/designer and other times I don't want any logos on my stuff. Right now I'm kind of in the middle, I do both.
  13. I'm EXACTLY the same!
  14. Mono is subtle! It just screams designer though.. but really, its very dark coloured and not very noticeable in a crowd of people.

    But vernis on the other hand...
  15. Oh, ITA!!! But in the end..I do always come back to mono. So much class and history, how can one stay away for long?:shrugs:
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